Car Radiator Repairs in Bolton

At Parkside Garage we specialise in car radiator repairs, we can assure you that your car would be in safe hands.

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Car Radiator Repair at Parkside Garage

At Parkside Garage we specialise in car radiator repairs, so you can be certain that your car will be in safe hands. Many parts of a car can be prone to overheating which can result in the car being damaged. The radiator helps regulate the temperature by pushing water and anti-freeze liquid through the system, helping to reduce the heat generated by the engine. If your radiator fails and damages other parts of the car, it will be more costly to fix damaged components than to just get the radiator replaced before any serious damage is done.

Experiencing radiator problems?

If you are concerned you're having radiator problems, you should refrain from driving your car as you could cause it some serious damage. Fortunately, we're able to supply and fit a new one incredibly quickly, in fact, dependant on your car make and model, this could be done on the same day. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your cars issues handled by our experts.

Our Services Include:
  Aluminium core leaks repaired
  Leaking gaskets replaced with new
  Wide range of new car radiators
  Highly experienced technical and distribution staff

What Does the Car Radiator Repair Do?

The radiator takes the coolant, which is taking heat away from the engine, and effectively blows cool air over the coolant liquid. So basically, the main purpose of the radiator is to indirectly cool down the engine that would get extremely hot if it wasn’t for the coolant and radiator working together. As you can assume, this is a very important operation within the vehicle, therefore if you really do think something is wrong with your car’s radiator, it is important that you don’t drive your car and get it looked at as soon as possible.

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