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Car battery check in Bolton

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – We provide a contact-free collection & return service - See homepage

Car Battery and its problems

A car battery is a rechargeable battery that has the sole purposeof fueling up electrical equipment and starting the engine of the motor vehicle to initiate the process of moving. Once the engine gets started, power for the electrical systems is supplied by the alternator, and the battery assists via stabilization of the required amount of current. In most vehicles of today, the starting of the engine requires as little as three percent of the battery's capacity. That is why automotive batteries are designed to deliver maximum current for a shorter period.

However, a series-connected twelve cell battery with 24-volt capacity is used in heavy-duty vehicles.

What are SLI Batteries?

Batteries that are used mostly with vehicles are SLI batteries. SLI stands for Starting, Lighting, and Ignition. SLI batteries maynot be good enough for deep discharging, and even a deepdischarge can cost the battery's lifespan to reduce or might leave it dysfunctional. SLI battery also supplies the extra power needed when the requirement for electrical equipment exceedsthe supply from the alternator. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as a stabilizer, or a voltage moderator evening out potentially damaging voltage spikes, to save electrical components from damage.

Today’s SLI batteries are mostly lead-acid batteries, comprising of six series-connected cells to providing a 12-volt system for cars and light vehicles.

Some characteristics or malfunctioning signs of faulty battery might put you in a situation that escalates

  Disruptions in starting of the engine.

  Low voltage scenario to light up necessary electricalequipment

  The inability of your vehicle to crank the shut-off

  Continuous meter light blinking notification to grab your attention

  Alternator damage that might lead to battery failure

How these small problems can escalate

These problems escalate due to the increased consumption of the battery’s power and battery might get fully discharged whichleads to dysfunctioning. Some more causes of battery failure or dysfunctioning include short-circuited cells due to improper covering or separator between the positive and negative terminal of the battery, damages to the negative and positive terminals of the battery, broken connections or faulty transmission of electrical current from battery, broken or corrosive internal plates of the battery, damaged battery case or low leveled electrolyte. These are all the reasons that cause problems to occur in the electrical systems of your vehicles.

You should probably go for a lab test to diagnose the battery’s problems if it isn’t behaving properly or showing signs of damage. If it isn’t addressed on a priority basis, it will damage your vehicle’s electrical equipment. Some problems could be addressed by simple hacks or repairs but most of them require you to replace your vehicle’s battery with a new one. A new battery could get you back on track and gets your vehicle to perform better in every situation, irrespective of the stress applied, weather conditions, and quick start-stop scenarios. Many brands with varieties and specialties are available in the market aligning with the desired requirements set by car manufacturers. You can consult your owner’s manual and decide what specific type and brand your car requires.

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