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How Often Should I Service My Car

Nowadays, every car is unique and amazing with respect to its shape, mechanism, needs, and looks. Every vehicle demands regular checkups after pre-defined intervals to cater to the demands of maintenance. Servicing a car includes various tasks to overhaul the vehicle and make it perfect for the next ride. A comprehensive guide to know how... Read More

Your Engine’s TLC Checklist

Your engine needs you just as much as you need your engine. As with everything, if you don’t treat it right, how is it supposed to keep you on the road? But how much do you really know about your engine’s check-up process? Here at Parkside Garage Bolton, our engine reconditioning experts want to make... Read More

Top 5 Automobile Technology Accessories or Gadgets

Road trips are a lot of enjoyment together with pleasure for most of us and applaud us with prestigious satisfaction level. Nowadays there are plenty of options available with the cars that may upgrade the ride and enthusiast the experience on the road by making it smoother, safer, and way more enjoyable. There are multiple... Read More

Do it yourself car repairs to save big

Car repairs and maintenance might cost your pocket big. This captures a significant share of your budget. This list of significant share includes the gas price, oil change every two or three months, and ongoing maintenances that are mandatory to perform. Cars need regular maintenance throughout their life and most of us pay reluctantly for... Read More

UK Behaviour on Buying Cars

Cars are much more vital in man’s life today than ever before. These are not only used for traveling or transportation purpose but also termed as a status symbol for many. Cars vary from simple, vintage to modern, sporty and luxurious. According to their types, people like, favor or dislike them. There must be various... Read More

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