Given that there are so many service options and ways to look after your car, it is understandable that you will sometimes question whether you need every available package and support option. Parkside Garage understands that you are looking to make the most cost effective decisions when looking after your car, and it may be that you think that services or options offer better value for money than others. We understand that you may think that a wheel alignment and balancing service isn’t at the top of your priorities, but we believe that this service offers a number of essential benefits in getting the best from your vehicle.

When it comes to balanced wheels, the following benefits are essential:

  • Balanced wheels will improve the driving experience and your comfort on the road
  • Balanced wheels reduce the wear and tear on your car components
  • Modern car suspensions are so fine-tuned that unbalanced wheels can greatly impact on the vibration experienced by the driver

These benefits should offer you assistance in getting more from your car, but it can also help you to save money. When your car is not performing at its optimum standard, you will find that it costs more to run. In the long run, an ineffective car costs a significant amount of money in fuel and upkeep, so balancing your wheels provides you with a chance to improve the performance and condition of your car, which in turn saves money.

At Parkside Garage Bolton, we have access to state of the art equipment, and our team has considerable experience in balancing wheels for all makes and models of cars. We believe that we provide an efficient and effective wheel balancing service which offers considerable peace of mind to all of our clients.

When it comes to aligning wheels, the following benefits are essential:

  • Aligned wheels will minimise uneven tyre wear
  • Aligned wheels will improve the safety of your car
  • Aligned wheels will improve the road handling of your car
  • Unaligned wheels can force your wheels sideways

The benefits of having your wheels properly aligned offers short and long term benefits. Improving the condition and general running of your car is always a sensible idea, and you will save money in the long run by ensuring that your wheels are properly balanced and aligned. This is a simple process, and one that our experienced team can undertake in a short period of time, but it is a service that is highly recommended.

If you have been in an accident, even a minor bump or scrape, there is a fair chance that the condition of your wheels will be impacted upon. In this regard, it is best to book an appointment and we will examine your wheels for you. This is an integral service that will ensure you have confidence of your safety when driving on the road and when it comes to feeling secure while knowing you are saving money in the long term, wheel alignment and balancing will be of great value.

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