Air conditioning plays an integral role in the running of your vehicle all year round, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions are. Whether you are looking to stay cool in the heat of the summer of you are keen to ensure your windows remain demisted during the frosty autumn mornings, you need to ensure that your air conditioning is up to scratch.

Parkside Garage provides a high level of air conditioning service, and we believe that our service provides tremendous value for money. Our fixed fee air conditioning service includes everything you need to ensure your car is in excellent condition. It is recommended that your air conditioning is checked on an annual basis, usually as part of a larger review of your vehicle, and that your air conditioning is serviced at least every 2 years

What does an air conditioning service include?

We believe in providing a transparent service at all times, and this is what our air conditioning service consists of:

  • Removing old gas
  • Vacuuming the system and checking for leaks
  • Adding oil and dye to the system
  • Adding new gas and then checking the temperature

These simple steps will ensure that your air conditioning is in good condition, providing you with the reliability and comfort you need all year round.

 Our state of the art equipment will detect leaks and damage early saving valuable time and money, providing a greater degree of assurance to our clients

We promise to use original or matching parts

In all of the air conditioning work we carry out, we guarantee to use original or matching standard parts. We aim to provide the highest standard in all of the products we use and we are committed to ensuring your air conditioning operates effectively. Sometimes topping up your air conditioning masks the real issue or problem, but you can rest assured that if there is an issue, we will find it and resolve it.

One area of our air conditioning service that is highly regarded is our Anti-Fungal Disinfection. This is a service that helps to minimise and neutralise bad odours and allergic reactions. If you or a regular passenger in your car suffers from allergies, our service will remove bacteria and fungus, allowing you to feel healthier and happier when you drive. This service helps to minimise allergic reactions like sneezing, coughing and suffering from watery eyes.

We disinfect your air conditioning service and then apply a protective layer which prevents the harmful bacteria and fungus from returning. Your safety and happiness is a prime concern for Parkside Garage, and we aim to ensure that you are well looked after at all times

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